Loboc Children Praised in Australia

August 4th, 2015 · No Comments

There is one word I can think of to describe the recent performance of the Loboc Children’s Choir in Australia. And that is “excellent!”

Bohol's finest - The Loboc Children's Choir soaking in the view of the Opera House. (Photo by Jade Cadelina)

Bohol’s finest – The Loboc Children’s Choir soaking in the view of the Opera House. (Photo by Jade Cadelina)

In a three-part show of music fused with a little dramatization the children sang of the beauty of Bohol in part one, then mellowed to songs of despair and prayers when the quake struck in part two; and then went on to rejoice with songs about visions and dreams.

Their wide range repertoire included songs like “Halleluiah”, “Ave Maria” to Little Richard’s “Shout”;  from Visayan folk songs to theme songs of Disney movies and A Sound of Music. And to cater to their audiences in Oz, they came prepared with their rendition of “I still call Australia Home” and the heart warming tune of “Pilipinas Kong Mahal.”

Aged between 8 and 13 years old, these were no ordinary children. Each one was gifted with incredible voices, and obvious too was the discipline they adhered to. Their angelic voices were in perfect harmony with carefully choreographed moves perfectly executed in unison.  With a clap, a twist, a stomp and a turn, they took the audience on a fascinating musical journey with their tiny faces expressing every emotion, every word of a song.

What was most moving was the knowing that these children had endured the devastation.  And yet, here they were standing with dignity with not an ounce of “feel sorry for me.”  Proudly they stood to sing of faith, love and hope;  proud of their country of origin and giving their audience the gift of music.  It was easy to forget that they were children. And they weren’t made to look anything other than their age.

It was a standing ovation, no less.  To the Boholanos, and all those behind the scenes who had the courage to stage the concerts and made it possible but most of all to Ms. Taldo, the music conductor and Lutgardo “Gardy” Labad, the Director of Kasing Sining and most of all,  to the Children of Loboc, we say, “Thank You for the gift of music.”

The Boholanos and Friends Association reported that the event raised $50,000, which was being sent to the Bishop of Tagbilaran for the rebuilding of Bohol Churches.


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