Dingdong Avanzado and Jessa Zarragoza Create Magic On Stage

March 7th, 2024 · No Comments

by Benjie de Ubago

When the concert of Dingdong Avanzado and Jessa Zaragoza was announced, people knew it was guaranteed to be a great musical experience.  The Show titled “Sa Aking Puso” was scheduled as a post Valentine concert, a treat for the hearts for their fans in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth.  Australia was the first leg of their planned world tour which would later take them to Canada and other European cities. More than just a musical experience it was an explosion of emotions.

Both Dingdong and Jessa are much-loved in the Philippines’ showbiz industry.  Both have had flourishing careers.  Dingdong started in 1987, while Jessa started in 1997, 10 years later. However, after becoming real life partners, a collaborative album, they exploded musically. Their decision to join forces on stage took them to an all new level of fame and entertainment.  Together, they were simply “electrifying!”

The ever-charming Jessa Zaragoza is a singer/actress with an endless list of hits and movie credits to her name. Multi-talented Dingdong Avazado is a singer, actor, producer, director, TV host and politician.   He took a break from the entertainment to run for the 3rd district of Quezon City and later become the Vice Governor of Sequijor. In an interview, he was very articulate in an interview, interesting and definitely impressive. His numerous awards include: the Awit Awards for Song of the Year & Best Ballad Recording for “Paalam Na” (1995), Best Dance Recording “I Will Be There For You” (1996), Aliw Awards Best Concert Director (2005), Celebrity Inductee Eastwood City Walk of Fame (2009), Star Awardee for Original Theme song of the Year (2011), OPM Icon Award, Man of the Year Diamond Excellence Awards (2011), and only last year (2023), he clinched the honour for Outstanding Concert Performer and Icon of Philippine Pop Music.

The show was intended as a post valentine concert and included a perfect blend of ballads and upbeat danceable tunes.  Their love song duets sure touched the hearts of their audiences – the old and young alike.  It was “kurot sa puso”.  Surprisingly, a younger generation had found them, connected with their music and could even sing along to their classic hits.  The highlight of the show was their ‘Manila Sound’ medley which took the audiences to a place where time stood still and where memories were made.  “This is where the magic happens,” said Avanzado.

The audience could not help themselves as they cheered, sang and danced along with the couple.  Praises flowed in after the show –  “It was excellent,” said one attendee. “ “It was amazing” said another.

The show was produced by BRADTERS Entertainment headed by veteran entertainment producer in Sydney, Christina Angeles along with Shez Solomon.  Guests in Sydney included:  Melody Dy, Ronald Navarro, Anja Urquico, Baile Internationale and Jojo Sebastian.

Dingdong and Jessa have now returned to Manila for a much needed rest before continuing on the next leg of their world tour.  One thing was for certain – “Sulit ang show!” Audiences are still suffering from a severe musical hangover, hoping and waiting for their next return.” Now enjoying 22 years of marriage bliss, Dingdong & Jessa will no doubt continue to be a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry for many years to come.


5 March 2024

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