Me and My PAL

October 16th, 2015 · No Comments


I can’t remember how many times I’ve crossed the international dateline.  Most times, I didn’t have to cross any dateline.  Time was either on fast forward or rewinding depending on which direction I was headed for.  

I’ve been blessed with great moments in life – defining moments, melting moments and yes, even complete meltdowns.  As I look back, I realize that one thing has remained constant through the years.  My Pal has been there with me all the way.

I arrived in the Land of Oz in 1971.  No sooner had I arrived when the pangs of homesickness hit me.   I was aching for my friends that I had left back home.  And that’s when I started my relationship with my favourite buddy, my Pal.

My Pal reunited me with my dearest friends and gave me the chance to re-capture once more those times I thought had faded away.   It would fly me across the continent and land me in time to watch the glorious sunset and Manila’s thousand twinkling lights.  The phrase, “we may never pass this way again” had been proven false, as time and time again, I have had the opportunity not only to relive those golden moments but create new ones too, for my memory bank.

Wit the help of my Pal, I  got the opportunity to see my grandparents before they were too old to remember.  It was the chance to be indulged beyond capriciousness and be spoilt to the hilt by Lolo and Lola.   A few more precious moments before they crossed over.  My Pal made it all possible.

Wrapped in excited anticipation of Manila’s sights and sounds, my Pal ensured that I arrived always with a cheery disposition.  But leaving was never as easy as arriving.  I was usually in total disarray.  My whole being felt like it had been wrenched apart, and I wondered how many seconds there were in a moment.  But as I grasped for breath, between sniffs, I knew I would be cradled back safely, until the next time.  And I knew there would be a next time.

Well, that’s my Pal.  My ever-reliable friend who’s been with me through life’s defining moments.   And who is my Pal?

Philippine Air Lines, of course.



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