Call To End Corruption In The Philippines

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Wednesday, 23 April 2008

A group of Lasallites from the baby boomers era, have bonded together to form a non- profit organization called Center for Responsible Governance Philippines, Inc. with the sole purpose of improving the conditions in the Philippines.

The group also aims to eradicate the “culture of corruption” which exists in the Philippines. The newly formed group, dispersed throughout the world believes that corruption in the Philippines is a cultural problem. The culture itself is corrupt, therefore no matter who heads the government, that person and his/her cohorts, friends and gofers will, if not corrupt when taking office, will eventually become corrupt. The solution, therefore, is to change the culture.

A spokesperson for the group said: “We are hoping to change the perception of things and that it is not okay to be corrupt. Along with that change in perception could be a change in expectations. We’re willing to bet that over time, people will expect that their government officials and bureaucrats are first vetted, and determined to be uncorrupt and incorruptible, prior to their appointment or election to office.” “The culture is embedded in the very fiber of our society. We may not even achieve it in our lifetime, but we certainly are going to give it a try,” said Mr.Lumba, President of the group. Brother Armin Luistro FSC is the honorary chairman of the DLSP Center for Good Governance. Whilst the La Salle institution has not officially endorsed the group, Brother Luistro has promised to do what he can to assist the group.

A few ex-government officials, ex-cabinet undersecretaries have already pledged their support to the cause. Brother Ray Suplido, president of La Salle College in Bacolod, Aurora Pijuan, former Miss International, along with ex-government officials, ex-cabinet undersecretaries have pledged their support for the group.

The current officers include Cesar Lumba, President, Patrick Donato Pantaleon VP-Domestic, Ramon Franco, VP-International. The other trustees include: Randy Farin, David Laurel, Brother Ray Suplido, Philip Tangco, Jimmy Valera and Aquilino Alcantara.

While the founders are Lasallites, membership is not exclusive and is open to all who want to see a change in the Philippines.

The group realizes that it is an awesome, almost impossible, task. “We are prepared to spend the remainder of our twilight years to help change and stomp out the culture of corruption in our country,” said Mr. Lumba.

The group hopes that in time, an alternative culture of clean government will emerge in the Philippines. A government with integrity will dominate, surpass and suffocate the old culture of corruption and exploitation for the sake of the next generation. For further information contact Cesar Lumba at

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