Beauty in the Eyes of the Beholder

November 23rd, 2023 · No Comments

by Benjie de Ubago

In today’s world of instant photos and endless selfies, there is even a  greater need for a proper photographer.  And in these times, Rey Saballa’s photography sure stands out!  And if beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, then you definitely need one with a creative eye like Ray to snap the all-important photo.

Photography is more than just about clicking and snapping the shot.  There’s the light and shadow, angles to check, blending of colours and the composition of the various elements in the photo in relation to the background to consider. Rey Saballa quietly looks, observes, frames his subject into the proper perspective and only then does he go “click” with his camera.  He captures every emotion and the very essence of his subjects. As he says, “every picture tells a story.” One bad shot could destroy the memory of a lifetime.

Ray Saballa capturing memories with his camera.

And Ray has his own story to tell.  There’s more to Rey than a man with a camera on hand circling the perimeters.  He is a devoted father of two and highly spiritual. He’s sensitive, charming and definitely well-mannered.  When stress-attacks are the name of the game at an all-important event, Rey calmly takes his cues, aims and shoots with a smile.  There is nothing more reassuring than a friendly photographer with a smile to entice his subjects to smile too.

He originally hails from the province of Cotabato in the Philippines where his father was in construction and his mother was a teacher.  When his parents lost their jobs, the family moved to Pangasinan, then later to Manila before finally migrating to Australia with the help of his Mum’s sister who petitioned their family.

Here in Australia, he found himself back in school but having been through a rough time in the Philippines, he was determined to study and make good.  And that he sure did! Inspired by the hardships he endured as a child he completed his education. He did videography  part time to pay for his degree and he did finish his civil engineering degree at University of NSW. He’s been employed as a lead consultant/project manager.

Propelled by “the passion and pathways that presented themselves,” he found his true calling. While still employed, he now has ventured into his own photography business to give himself more time to devote to his children.  “It’s a balancing act,” he says.  With “eyes wide open” he has plunged forward embracing new challenges that have come his way.  He is a devoted family man, deeply spiritual and is an active member of Couples for Christ. His values and beliefs intact. 

Next time, Rey stands in front of you, make sure you smile.  He sure has the eye for beauty. So for coverage of events and the all-important milestone, head shots, portraits (individual, and family), marketing shots and all other kinds of phtotos, let Rey Saballa’s  Photography capture  your story and let him turn your special moments into wonderful memories.

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