Filipino Electoral Wins

December 10th, 2021 · No Comments

by Benjie de Ubago

In the hotly contested area of Blacktown, where majority of Filipinos reside, Labor took a big win at the December 4 local elections. Former Labor councilors got their seats back with a few surprises. Of the 7 Filipinos campaigning for council seats in NSW – 5 in Blacktown, 1 in Hornsby and 1 in Campbelltown – only 4 won!

With Labor back in power, Carol Israel had an easy win in Ward 4. The surprise win was Dorothy Del Villar, president of the Golden Senior Citizens of Blacktown. (AGAPI) who clinched a seat in ward 5 along with Tony Bleasdale and Brad Bunting.

Jess Diaz, although not endorsed by the Liberals this time, ran with one of the coalition parties instead and was re-elected to a council seat in ward 1. Diaz first won in 2008 under the Liberal banner and has been a councilor of Blacktown ever since.  He was the first elected president of the Philippine Community Council of NSW in 1990 and was also a president of the Filipino Communities Council of Australia (FILCCA).

Former Councilors Jayme Diaz, Linda Santos and Frederick Brills did not contest their seats at this year’s elections.

Unfortunately, Vince del Gallego who ran for re-election in Hornsby as an independent did not make it.  Ray Manoto running under the Labor party banner won his seat back in Campbelltown.

Commiserations to Cesar Bartolome (ward 4) and Danny Peralta (ward 5) who ran under the Blacktown coalition team lost on their first try.

Ironically, Bartolome founded The Filipino Australian Movement for Empowerment (FAME) in 2008 and its main goal  was political empowerment. It obviously did not make a dint at the elections.  Although it started with good intentions, FAME has slipped lately into a comatose state and most of its members have simply walked away.

It’s interesting to ponder whether Filipinos really support their co-Filipinos or shift alliances as needed.  Obviously in this election, they shifted.  Maybe, Filipinos are now more discerning and choose those who they really feel are qualified to represent us. 


6 Dec 2021

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