Molavin Explains Retraction Of His Signature In PCC Petition

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By Benjie de Ubago

As expected, the Philippine Community Council of NSW (PCC) has once again ignored and disapproved the Affiliates’ petition to hold the AGM and elections in February/March.

Unfazed by the request from their members, the PCC letter signed by Alric Bulseco cited that moving the elections to June would coincide with the move of the financial year-end to June. He also mentioned the constitution committee of 2018 giving the impression that it had been approved.   However, this was only a proposal in 2018 and the members mentioned in the letter had been removed by Bulseco himself in 2020. The proposal had not been ratified by the affiliates.

Left: Kate Roc Andres; Right: Rox Molavin

Attached to the letter of disapproval was a disclaimer from Rox Molavin of the Filipino Australian Community Association of Eastern Suburbs (FACAES) disclaiming having signed the petition.

According to Kate Andres, who was organizing the petition, she had spoken to Rox Molavin on a Friday, January 29, and Rox  agreed to support and sign the petition then. It was a matter of getting his signature. By Sunday, January 31, Kate texted him reminding him to send his signature.  He was also further advised that the petition would have to be submitted on Monday, February 1. If he was unable to provide his signature, the old signature from the SGM would be used.  There was no reply.  On Monday, February 1, the petition was emailed to PCC at 5.43 p.m. affixing Molavin’s signature from the SGM.   At 9:25 p.m. Molavin texted back to say that his lawyer  had told him not to sign a blank document.  Unfortunately, the petition had already been sent.

The response from the PCC Board to the PCC Affiliates’ Petition with the attached disclaimer from Molavin arrived late Tuesday night, February 2, immediately after the Board meeting and was read by Wednesday morning.  Kate Andres said she only received her copy from PCC a day later.

In my telephone interview with Rox Molavin on Sunday, February 7, he confirms that he talked to Kate and admits that he did say “Oo susuportahan ko ang petition.”   “Madali lang akong kausap kung sa ikabubuti ng lahat,” he added. Unfortunately, “hindi  ko nagawa  ang magpadala ng signature ko agad.  Hindi ko rin nasagot yung mga tawag ni Kate kasi busy ako,” he added. 

However, when he attended the PCC Board meeting on Tuesday, February 2 he was condemned for having affixed his signature on the petition. “Galit na galit ang mga die-hard,” he said. He did not think it was a case of fraud as per some of the Board members’ reaction. He also did not agree that it should have been posted on facebook. He said that he cannot understand why Bulseco won’t sit down, discuss and settle the issues with the other group. “Bakit hindi pagusapan ng mabuti. Sa tutoo lang, hindi maganda ang nangyayari at nasisira tayo,” he said. 

He admits having been pressured into writing the disclaimer which he quickly wrote, then sent it to Alric Bulseco via email. Although he wrote it on a blank sheet and signed it as president of FACAES, Bulseco took it upon himself to put it on a PCC letterhead and disseminated it.  He said  this letter should have been to sent to Kate Andres first.

“Hindi ko papayagan na tawagin nilang fraud, kasi hindi naman fraud yung ginawa ni Kate. Pag tinawag nilang fraud mag-reresign ako. Hindi lang nagkaintindihan.” said Rox.  “May pagka dominante at arrogante and mga iba doon,” he added.  He commented further that he felt harassed when he attended the SGM last August and was called “Traydor”.  Objections were also expressed when he joined another club. 

In the course of the interview, he reiterated more than once, that he agreed to support the petition because it was for the good of the community.  He further admitted that he had to learn to reply and speak his mind .  Such unconducive environment was intimidating and hindered the free expression of members.

Retraction of signatures has happened in the past – in 2013, in an affidavit signed by Ric de Vera (a JP), Lillian de los Reyes retracted her signature for the PADER complaint; and at the 2020 elections, Ben Bonggat retracted his signature revoking authority for Bicol representative, Bobby Lastica to vote at the PCC 2020 elections.  It would seem like retraction is a common practice.  Let us also not forget the incident that saw a Pasko sponsor allowed to alter documents with a Consul’s signature. Now that was clear fraud.

Note:  Kate Roc Andres is a practicing lawyer in Australia and was a former President of PCC  1994-1997, 2003-2004 and 2016. She was also the President of the Filipino Communities Council of Australia (FILCCA) in 2000-2002.  She is also the current Chairperson of the Filipino Cooperative.

Rox Molavin is the President of Filipino Australian Community of Association of the Eastern Suburbs (FACAES) and is a current director of PCC. He also conducts Beauty Pageants.

8 February 2021

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