PCC Affiliates Demand For PCC Elections To Proceed

January 28th, 2021 · No Comments

By Benjie de Ubago

Drum roll please!  And now, for the latest move of the Philippine Community Council of NSW (PCC-NSW).

Though not surprising, the annual general meeting (AGM) and elections which are normally conducted in February or March has been re-scheduled for  June 2021.  

The PCC affiliates have expressed their strong disapproval for this sudden deviation from the normal yearly election time. After a year of Bulseco’s antics, the affiliates are tired, exasperated and desperate for a change in management.

The reason given for the election postponement was the cancellation of the previously scheduled 30th anniversary in January 2021. Venue restrictions dictated that the  number of attendees be reduced from 168 to 100 making the event unviable. The notice to affiliates  also claimed  that the June celebration would be a triple treat to include the Philippine National Day Ball, the PCC’s 30th Anniversary, and the 75th Anniversary of the Philippine Australian Relations. Their main defence  for their questionable decision  to move the elections is that the constitution allows it.

That is most amusing!  Alric Bulseco and his team now rely on the constitution when they have ignored, twisted and misinterpreted  the constitution to their advantage  in the past.  Besides, anyone with common sense would know that those three events should not be celebrated together. To do it justice, each event should be a stand -alone event. PCC’s 30th anniversary was in September of last year so it’s been dusted and gone.  They’ve missed it. The function will be another mashed up event.

According to some of the affiliates, the decision to move the election is morally wrong even if the constitution allows it.  Just because they can, does not mean they should.  Considering that Alric Bulseco has refused to accept the result of the Special General Meeting held last August which slapped him with a vote of no confidence, the elections should proceed as per previous years to better serve the interests of the community.  The sooner change is effected, the sooner  normalcy can be  restored and the healing can begin. Besides, If they haven’t thought of any plans in the last nine months, there is nothing they can think of in the next four months. There are no plans in the back burner that a February/March election might disrupt.

Perhaps Bulseco may be given credit for having squirmed and managed to hold on to his seat. What it simply revealed  were the holes in the system – not that he was any better.   Even his allies have never alluded to his innocence.  All they’ve  been saying is “let him finish his term”, and so in February, his term  is finished. So, get him out!   More importantly, what Bulseco and the PCC directors fail to see is they’ve long lost the trust and mandate of the affiliates.  No one seems to care!

PCC is teetering on the brink of irrelevance. With financial problems that have recently come to fore, they should not be allowed to stay even a day longer. The members need to be informed of all the financial irregularities.  The longer they stretch their term,  the bigger the damage is done to PCC. 

One more time for Rigodon is definitely not an option!  Set the election date!

27 January 2021

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