Cooking With Her Heart

April 14th, 2020 · No Comments

By Benjie de Ubago

When the corona virus pandemic hit the world and lockdown was imposed, some people turned on  their generous hearts to give any way they knew how.

Rowena cooking up a storm with a dash of love and good intentions.

Rowena Gonzaga Turnbull took it upon herself to distribute home cooked meals to her elderly neighbours who were stuck in their homes in Canowindra, Central West.  Of her own volition, she took to her stove, added a dash of good cheer, seasoned with generosity, and cooked healthy edible delights to feed the seniors in her area.

She’s sassy and one classy lady who’s no stranger to the community.  She’s a member of the Bathurst Filipino-Australian community (BFAC) and a member of the Philippine Community Council of NSW for the last four years.   She’s a silent worker in the community who goes about volunteering with minimum fuss.   “I’ve been doing this already for years,” said Rowena.  “As a member of Iglesia ni Cristo, it has been instilled in me to give whatever I can to those who need it the most” she added.

She arrived in Australia on June 27, 1990 and has four children. She commutes regularly between Sydney and Canowindra, a four hour drive, to attend to her other Sydney volunteer commitments.

With the whiff of her freshly baked Vegetarian Macaroni, wrapped in goodness and  her best intentions, she packed her goodies in a basket and did her neighborhood rounds to the elderly.

Rowena delivering her home cooked meals to Seniors in the area.

Social distancing was maintained at all times as she left her tasty  meals by the doorstep with a smile.  For the isolated seniors, connecting with a person from the outside, even at a distance was a welcome delight.

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