Book Review: A Pebble That Floats

October 27th, 2019 · No Comments

By Benjie de Ubago

Author, Imelda Argel and her book.

In a culture where men were excused for simply being a man and all their follies accepted without a whimper; where secrets were kept behind closed doors; where women were taught to speak in whispers – one woman fought to defy the norms dictated by a society that refused to understand. 

This is the autobiography of author, Imelda Lahoz Argel.   In her memoir, she tells of her rich ancestral heritage that did not shield her from heartache and pain.  She tells of her heartaches and  her struggles as she inches her way from the depths of despair back to the top.

Like most women, she threw herself to love with the hope of living a life happily ever after.  But such a dream was not meant to be.  Instead she found herself abused and abandoned; alone and forlorn.  This is her story, a tale of anguish – her struggle for her own redemption –and her ultimate escape from the man who promised to love and protect her.

Despite the broken vows from a man who made her matter not, she vowed to reclaim her life for herself and her son in a new country.    Through her life’s trials and tribulations, she summoned all her strength and courage to get out of the abyss of dejection.  Unrelenting and determined, she takes aim at life as best she could.   And from the emotional depths, she floats right back to the top.

Argel’s memoir offers women facing insurmountable challenges the inspiration to continue on and know that they can.

About Argel:

Imelda Lahoz Argel was born and raised in Vigan, Ilocos Sur, the northern part of the Philippines. She was educated at the University of the Philippines where she completed her law degree. Belonging to a family of lawyers, she too headed on the same legal direction. She became a corporate lawyer in the Philippines and later moved to Australia where she continued to practice law. A multi-awarded civic leader, she is also the recipient of the Philippine Presidential Award in 2012.

She now lives happily with her partner in Collaroy, New South Wales, Australia, content with the life she had shaped for herself.

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