Brian Lorenz Is No Ordinary Artist

August 1st, 2016 · No Comments


Lorenz serenades the audience.

Brian Lorenz.   He came to us first with a song or two and a little swing here and there. He was guesting sporadically at club events which became more frequent.  And when he demonstrated his penchant for those high notes, he quickly became the most sought after entertainer in the community.  Then, he took the plunge and dared to challenge himself to go solo which has proven to be the right move.

At his latest solo concert last Sunday (June 24) at Burwood RSL, Brian proved that he was no ordinary artist.  He nailed it thereby cementing his name in the entertainment industry. His high energy show had all the right mix of songs, dances and guests.   And although he wasn’t dancing on the ceiling, he went table hopping and got the audience cheering.

This time, Brian did it all right! Backed by a seven piece band, he had carefully selected songs – from the high piercing tunes, to the tear-jerkers, to the pulsating swinging rhythm & blues.  His repertoire was a perfect mix that spelled nothing less than sheer entertainment.  His female guest singers and back-up singers were great and blended well with his style.  And his ever-graceful back up dancers stepped it up a notch with the right moves, a wiggle and a shake. Although, I must say, I wish there were more full on dance routines.

Yes, for Brian Lorenz, the night was his. It’s been a long way from the Philippines and his early community events.  He now has his own album “It’s Time” which was launched in 2013 and last year, he clinched two major awards – The Australian Clubs ACE “Rising Star” Award, Best New Talent at the 39th Australian Mo Awards. Now visibly more confident, his vocals crispier, he rightfully deserved to be on that stage.  It was time to call it his own and bask in the lights of glory. But for Brian, there were no short cuts.  It’s been talent, hard work, an attitude in check, and blessed with a little luck along the way.  He has now become one of the most sought after local singers in the community and in much demand interstate as well.

One thing is for sure.  Versatile and talented, Brian has proven to be no ordinary artist.  The centrestage is where he belongs.



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