Anatomy of a PCC Election

March 14th, 2014 · No Comments

Tomorrow, Saturday 15 March is D-Day.  It’s election time for the Philippine Community Council of NSW (PCC).  The changing of the guards – we hope.  And the presidential candidates, Relunia, Peralta and Collado, the incumbent, are all out in campaigning.

Nominations closed on Saturday, 8 March 2014 but the PCC Board has not officially released the list of candidates.  The candidates vying for positions are as follows:

For President:  Elsa Collado (?) , Jun Relunia (PASSCI) and Danny Peralta (Tagalog Association).

Vice President External:  Evelyn Beed (Cordilleras), Alric Bulseco (?), and Bobby Lastica (Filipino Cooperative)

Vice President Internal:  Evelyn Beed (Cordilleras), Alric Bulseco (?), and Bobby Lastica (Filipino Cooperative)

Secretary:  Darryl Swadling (running for re election, representing Illawarra  group)

Treasurer:   no  nomination

PRO:  Danny Rosales (PLCAA), Nenita Weekes (Bathurst) and Eric Maliwat (FAACES)

Auditor:  Evelyn Beed (Cordilleras), Millie Banan (?), and Nenita Weekes (Bathurst)

Directors:  Running for another term:  Evelyn Beed, Alric Bulseco, Millie Banan, Emily Rudd, and Mercy Jones.

New comers:  Annie Benitez, Jade Cadelina, Bobby Lastica,  Rissa McInnes, Alex del Prado, Jojo Laquian, and Raquel Pellero

The line-up is amusing and ever so revealing.  The same people who caused the problem in PCC in 2013 are running again and have found new associations to attach themselves to.  Some are running for as many positions as possible to ensure that they get back on the Board.

No nomination has been received for the dreaded Treasurer’s position, which has been one of the causes of PCC’s problems in 2013.  Problems arose when a cheque was signed with only one signature.  The question still remains as to who changed the cheque signatories from two signatories as required to one signatory.  No response has been received from the 2013 Board. Banan, 2013 Treasurer is still running for the Board in the positions of Auditor and Director.  It will also be a question as to which organization she will represent.

It’s time to play musical chairs and slot names into organizations which may or may not exist for the sole purpose of winning.

A Meet the Candidate was scheduled last week to allow the presidential candidates to speak and state their platforms.  According to attendees, Peralta and Relunia lived up to expectations and pushed for the need to reform PCC.  Peralta, claims to have been in Australia for 40 years but is considered a newcomer in the community.  He may have sounded stronger in character  but he also gave the impression that “he was the messiah”.  Relunia was seen as more consistent and reliable, with a proven track record in community service especially with the worker. However, Collado, incumbent President, failed to even properly respond to questions.   Sources also allege that Collado kept glancing at her mobile, as if someone was texting her  the answers.

To clarify issues, Collado blames the PCC unrest on the renegade minority, who were hell bent on opposing her.  The truth is that the minority were insisting on clarification on who changed the cheque signatories from 2 to 1.  They failed to comply with the Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing not only for the audited report but for having misdirected the funds.

At election time, people are at their friendliest and their groveling best.  Misinformation and manipulation abound.  Unfortunately, only a few voters would go out of their way to double-check facts and search for the truth.  From my observation, most voters are guided by emotion and not  by logic.  They are led by the kakilala and kaibigan system and the ultimate deciding factor is whether they were supported.  But support is defined as whether you bought a ticket from them or not.   And really, most would not be able to discern,  which one is real and which one is not.

Another point of clarification:  Ms. Collado claims that they closed the PCC premises and have thus saved $7,000.  The fact is that the PCC had no money in their coffers to start off with and that is why they needed to use the PADER funds which became the brunt of their woes.

But I pose this question:  Why would anyone vote again  for the same people who created the problem in the first place?  And one word pops to mind – “delicadeza!”  I hope tomorrow brings a change.



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