Mind Boggling

July 27th, 2008 · No Comments

As the World Youth Celebrations have come to a close, Cathoholics are no doubt still reeling, intoxicated with the Spirit.

Kudos to all the volunteers, especially to those who opened their homes to the pilgrims.

I happened to be at Father Nard’s community at Bossley Park which was bustling with activities. I was intrigued to watch the Filipino clergy in their white flowing robes haggle for a post next to Bishop Smith of Canada for a photo to remember. I couldn’t help but wonder if it was the rank or the colour that made them rush for a photo opportunity?

It’s been a week of reflection for the prayerful, so hopefully the spirit lingers on and the “someones” – somewhere have been enlightened.



The Pope in all his humility apologized for the sins of the fathers. The three A’s– acknowledgment – acceptance – atonement must precede before healing and reconciliation can occur. Only then can we move on. The same rule applies for all.

If Manoto and company are serious about leading the PCC then the same process should be in place. Otherwise, only empty words filter through. Unnecessary comments like “Stop harassing PCC” only serve to highlight the weakness of the leadership. Their newly acquired guardian angel should whisper to them and lead to them to the path of humility. Judging by the proposed projects of PCC, it is obvious that it has been lifted from someone’s project book.

The MPC people, by whatever name they are called nowadays should also open up and address the issues of the community and not just demand cooperation. A petition saw its way around requesting for a meeting. First it was initiated by the ex-presidents of PCC however when people did not want to sign a PCC petition, they changed it to a petition from the “Concerned Catholics.”


Heaven help us!

With a little help from a guardian angel named Cr. Charlie Lowles, Dorothy del Villar made the pre-selection for Ward 5 in Blacktown City Council. Heaven help us!! If this candidate will do, then it is obvious that Mr. Lowles either has a low opinion of the Filipino or he does not have a real grasp of our community. Have we been reduced to simply number crunchers?

Not only is it disillusioning but it is absolutely frightening! The thought that anyone can run for office without any selection criteria sends a shiver down my spine. It seems easier to run for a political post than it is to enter the council building or apply for a job at Blacktown City Council.

I was absolutely bemused with an email that went around the loop congratulating Ms. del Villar’s pre-selection. It read: “Your drive, tenacity and enthusiasm never cease to amaze me.” Gee, it never ceases to amaze me too!! I’m flabbergasted! Prior to the pre-selection, the writer of the email claimed not to have even known her that well.

Recipients of the email asked “Who is Dorothy?” I wondered whether it was the same Dorothy whom I bumped into during the Filipino Global conference who reneged on her duties as the Gala Night committee Chair and whose responsibilities I had to catch. Is this the same Dorothy who kept the table cards until 10 minutes before the event simply because she had no idea what to do with them? I guess, that’s what they call “drive”.

Is this the same Dorothy whose enthusiasm was evident from her out of body experiences at meetings? All the times, I attended meetings I never got a smile, a hello and definitely not a “Thank you.” The only time I heard her speak was when billing and photos were discussed. Is this the same Dorothy who’s only worry was where her little group of selected friends sat and who had no concern for anybody else?

Is this the same Dorothy that wouldn’t even include the other Senior Citizens on her float during the Blacktown Street Festival? If this is the same person, then the only thing going for her is Attitude – with a capital A. And heaven forbid, when this person gets to sniff power – real or imagined. A true measure of character is how an individual treats us, ordinary folks. Some are quick to respond with a person of title but ignore those without rank or title.

Some are again chanting that same ol’ phrase – “a Filipino will do.” Wakey, wakey!! No, no no – it will not do!

And for gads sake, please do not give me the crab mentality lecture. It is a fact – some people need to get a reality check! While we don’t begrudge anyone from having a dream, the process between the dream and actually getting there is long arduous process. Those who have the slightest inclination must be willing to do all the nine yards.

I guess, in this instance, it is only right to say – let us pray!!

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