PCC Elections Moved One More Time

October 28th, 2021 · No Comments

By Benjie de Ubago

The much-anticipated elections of the Philippine Community Council of NSW (PCC-NSW) have once again been moved to February 2022.  Covid has no doubt thrown the best laid plans into chaos but a sign of good leadership is to be able to roll with the times. Despite the lockdown having been lifted last October 18 and restrictions have been eased, Bulseco and his Board have stubbornly refused to schedule the elections any earlier.

The overstaying 2020 PCC Board of Directors.

I was pleasantly surprised to receive an email from a quiet member of the community asking about the PCC-NSW elections.  Although I intended to ignore the issue, I feel obligated to at least respond to the person’s request.  The person has requested to remain anonymous but is visible in some community activities although not in PCC’s circle. Below is the email, verbatim:

“What is happening at PCC and when is the election of new Officers? I heard from a reliable source that the current board decided to hold it on February 2022, saying it is the traditional month of electing new officers. But they did not do it in February 2021 while there was no Greater Sydney-wide lockdown. They are already hold-over for almost one year.  Why not have the elections while no lockdown is in effect?  Who knows, by January or February 2022 there might be another lockdown. It is my thinking, that it is best to have the election this November or at the latest early December 2021.

I believe you are the ‘Voice of the People’. Maybe, you can do another write-up to drum up that election of new PCC Officers be conducted while the lockdown is lifted. Thanks for your time.”

That would be a reasonable suggestion if dictated by common sense.  But regrettably, common sense does not prevail. Indeed, we live in times of uncertainty and tomorrow is promised to no one. People need to take advantage of the good times before it changes – today – not tomorrow.

Bulseco’s argument – “tradition dictates, PCC elections are done in February.”  Why then, didn’t they do it in February 2021?  Or in March or April when pandemic restrictions were relaxed? Perhaps, they’re hoping for a little more grandstanding.

Also according to Bulseco, those elected in November or December will only serve until February 2022 anyway. Surely the thinking affiliates realize the unusual circumstances we live in and will vote that the term of the incoming Board stay on until February 2023.  What’s three more months for the incoming Board when the incumbent has had a year extension?

Remember too, that the affiliates have passed a “NO CONFIDENCE” vote on Bulseco at the Special General Meeting (SGM) last August 2020.  But he hasn’t budged from his seat! Letters and requests have been ignored. The request to inspect the financial records although finally allowed was incomplete.  Missing documents were never re-submitted. Requests for the early release of the 2020 financial statement have also been ignored. Affiliates’ petition has been ignored also.

PCC’s end-of year is December 31.  Bulseco first applied for extension of their term of office from Fair Trading and was granted 3 months from June 30 until September 30, 2021. The second extension given is until February 2022.  Surely, one does not have to wait until the very last day. As previously stated, it is wise to take advantage of the easing of restrictions.

Most recently, Ferdi Francisco, PCC presidential candidate against long-time waiting candidate Cesar Bartolome took the initiative to invite Bartolome and Bulseco to lunch to discuss the concerns of the affiliates.  As expected, Bartolome rejected the gesture of goodwill and Bulseco did not budge.

Bulseco cited the above-mentioned reasons for the date of postponement. How can there be solutions when they refuse to meet, talk and discuss solutions that will be of benefit to not just a few but all. Bulseco and Bartolome stand on their soapboxes and talk of unity and yet refuse to even “talk.” Then again, a “No talk” policy has been in practice. On the rare occasion of a face-to face meeting you may witness the rage of the demi-gods and screams of “fakery”, “fakery”!   

Couldn’t any one from the Board speak up and offer suggestions?  No!  It has been alleged by some members that a culture of intimidation exists within the Board. As one Board member claimed, “para silang Mafia” Some are not even aware of what’s happening. Other members have chosen to slip quietly into the background for fear of recrimination and to maintain their peace of minds.

In the absence of an ICAC type of organization to fully scrutinize the conduct and financials of organizations, the affiliates will just have just to wait when the self proclaimed demigods are kinder for their voices to be heard.

Maybe…just maybe, Bulseco and his K-K-K favorites need to celebrate the other occasions between now and Valentine’s day.  Maybe they can celebrate – ‘Todo los Santos’.



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