Bevan Calvert Makes History

October 10th, 2020 · No Comments

By Benjie de Ubago

Talent has no limits!  Combined with passion and timed for the right opportunity, the sky is the limit.

Bevan Calvert leaps to victory.

For Bevan Calvert, a Filipino Australian, handball was more than just a sport to bide time on weekends.    It was his driving passion that took him from Turramurra High School where he propelled his team to the Schools State Championships to the heights of new found glory.  At 18 years old, he was one of the two youngest to join the Australian National team.  He was also selected by former Prime Minister Julia Gilliard to be a sports Ambassador to inspire the youth into playing sports and to promote handball.

Subsequently, he was selected to represent Australia in five World Championships and Europe became his playground.  He made it to Tunisia in 2005; Germany in 2007 where his spectacular goal in Magdeburg was selected as ‘Play of Day’ and blasted on screen to millions of television viewers. Then he went on to play in Croatia in 2009; in Sweden in 2011 where he was awarded the ‘Player of the Match’ in the game versus Denmark.   He was the Team Captain in the Oceania World Championship Qualifier in 2012; and in 2013 for Spain.

Playing in his usual Right Wing position, fast moving Bevan, most recently was part of the Champion team, THW Kiel which won its first game of the season in the Champions League and the prestigious Super Cup. He overcame all the mental and physical challenges that come with joining a new team and was named  the  “Man of the Hour” in an English-speaking world.   

The sweet smell of winning!

He made history for the Australian Handball and brought Aussies to the forefront.  Interviewed by Chris O’Reilly in his podcast, “Uniformed Handball Hour” , Calvert says: “It was an unbelievable experience. I am grateful for the experience. It’s been a dream. ” 

Born of mixed parentage, Bevan’s mother is a Filipina, Violi Calvert, who is a familiar face in the Filipino community in Sydney, and his father John is an Australia.  He has one other brother, Timothy who’s active in football.  Now at 34, he’s married with one son of his own and a second child due in December.

To the youth, he shares the following  advice: “Do not be afraid and give it your all. Never give up!”


October 10, 20020

Link:  “Uninformed Handball Hour” (by Chris O’Reilly)


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