Bulseco Refuses To Stand Down

March 21st, 2020 · No Comments

By Benjie de Ubago

A group of former Philippine Community Council of NSW (PCC-NSW) presidents, concerned for the organization,  recently met to discuss the problems plaguing the organisation.  Top on the agenda was the sitting president, Alric Bulseco who is in breach of the PCC-NSW constitution. 

Meeting of concerned past PCC-NSW presidents.

The Advisory Board had requested first to meet with the current Board but Bulseco refused. So the former presidents met and in attendance were:  Manny Diel, Kate Andres, Malyn Andres-Chun, Jimmy Lopez, Ronaldo Villaver, Atoy Sayas, Jun Relunia and Evelyn Beed.  Ric de Vera and Neria Soliman sent their apologies but gave their consent for whatever the group’s resolutions may be.  Not in attendance:  Jess Diaz, Rey Manoto, Serna Ladia, Elsa Collado and Marivic Manalo.

 The concerned presidents wrote a letter to Bulseco advising that he was in breach of the constitution and for immediate action. 

Section 13 (4) of the PCC-NSW constitution clearly states:

        “Only one representative from each association is allowed to sit in the Board”.

That means no two (2) people from the same association  should be sitting on the Board at the same time. Bulseco is in clear violation as he represents Australian Mindanao Multicultural Communities (AusMin). Serna Ladia, the immediate past president also represents the same organization.  Ladia ran for president in 2018 carrying AusMin banner and therefore remains as that.

Ladia responded, “There is no case. ” She also stated that she was representing the Filipino Cooperative.  Ladia cannot shift alliances in midstream. She was not representing Filipino Cooperative as Kate Andres is the president and official representatation must be obtained from the Board of the  Filipino Cooperative.  Neither Kate Andres nor the Filcoop Board had given Ladia authority to represent Filcoop.

Quick to the defense of Bulseco, some his allies have thrown in the Corona virus for effect. Religion was dragged in too, claiming that since it’s the Lenten season, it’s a time for reflection. Then, the guilt trip was added in for good measure – “magtulungan.”  Even more amusing were some comments that in view of the current circumstances, “fix it next year, na lang”  Next year?  No one denied that there was a breach of the constitution. All they did was throw in flimsy excuses that have no bearing on the actual constitutional violation.

The community should be able to expect honesty and the truth from their leaders – nothing less!  True leaders are quick to respond, correct the wrongs, and fix mistakes immediately – not next year! Imagine if that was a leaking faucet. Can you imagine the damage it would have caused if left unattended for a year!?

Bulseco won’t budge! Bulseco has been in breach of the constitution since 2013 when he failed to step down from the board when Ateneo Alumni Association resigned.  Likewise, in 2007, he voted at the elections for Ateneo when he was not even a member of the Ateneo.  Bulseco is also a stickler for rules and regulations but only when it pleases him. However when it affects him, it’s another story.

As the allies claim it’s a time for reflection as it is the Lenten season. Then the truth must be told. It’s time to reflect and repent.  It is that simple. The breach of the constitution is as clear as day. There are two (2) people from the same association on the board and one must go.  Integrity and sheer decency dictates that Bulseco step down from his post. If Bulseco is true to his word of unity and “passion to serve the community”, then he must lead with integrity and abide by the rules. He must show some decency by stepping down.  There is no need to even escalate the issue to higher level or to rally the rest of the affiliates to take a vote and decide if he should step down or not.  Why should affiliates be subjected to vote on a wrong. After all, he will remain on the Board as the immediate past president. 

Other affiliates commented: “What kind of leaders do we have if they don’t want to accept their mistakes?”  Should they deserve our trust and support?  “Surely the other board members have scruples and would stand up for what is right. Otherwise, it’s blind loyalty.”  

The latest development does not include the previous Bicol protest and call for a public hearing which has received no response, nor does it address those who emailed their nominations and did not comply with the election rules of having to submit their nominations personally or by post.

There may be other issues that need revisions and changes in the constitution, and yes, we can wait after the crisis is gone or until the next AGM.  However, this breach must be corrected now!

In these unprecedented times of uncertainty,  indecision looms in PCC-NSW.  With limited activities on offer, it is the best time to fix things in PCC-NSW. And when it’s all over, when doom has come to pass, then everyone can start afresh and really celebrate.

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