PASC Launches “Unity in Community” Fiesta Theme

March 10th, 2020 · No Comments

by Benjie de Ubago

The Philippine Australian Sports and Culture (PASC) launched this year’s Fiesta Kultura theme, “Unity in Community” last Saturday, March 7, 2020 at the Blacktown Workers Club in style.

This year’s annual Fiesta, the longest running Filipino fiesta will be held on Monday, October 5, 2020. It will be held at its usual venue at Fairfield Showground, 443 Smithfield Road, Prairiewood, New South Wales.

As a gesture of goodwill, and true to their theme, Marivic Ayap Flores, PASC president since 2018 reached out to community associations to re-join them for this year’s annual fiesta. Over 20 associations were in attendance.

PASC President, Ms. Marivic Ayap Flores reaches out to the community.
Living up to the theme “Unity in Community”

PASC was established in 1976 for the purpose of providing sporting activities for newly arrived Filipinos and remains one of the longest surviving community associations. It expanded to other activities and in 1989 initiated the Grand Philippine Fiesta with the participation of various community groups.  Now on its 32nd year, it can boast of having received numerous awards including the Philippines Presidential awards – the Linkapil Award in 1991; the Banaag Award in 2004; and here in Australia, the Multicultural Award in 1992.

Before the proliferation of beauty contests around us, PASC staged the Miss Philippines Australia and Miss Charity Queen aimed at raising funds for charity.  As tradition dictates, and amidst cheers and screams, the crowning of the beauty queens was the culmination of the day.  

It’s Marivic Ayap Flores’ second year and already there are significant changes.  “We are hoping to get the community to join us again as a community to showcase the best of our Philippine culture,” she said.  “Each club is different, but we can highlight the best of each of them, together” she added.

Club participation means an opportunity to fundraise for their respective organisation. Not only would it be more economical for them, but it would rid them of the hustle of doing it on their own.  Clubs can reap huge benefits through commissions depending on their level of participation i.e.  having a stall to highlight their province of origin or to spread their club’s message; having a candidate in the pageant; parade participation; stage presentation; and ticket and advertising sales.  “Let’s show you off, together!” said Ms. Flores. 

Also noticeable was the presence and active participation of the younger generation, with the current and former beauty queens on hand to help host the event.

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Living up to the theme “Unity in Community”.

 Indeed, the event was conciliatory and welcoming.  “The atmosphere was different and refreshing” commented one of the guests. 

L-R – Manny Castillo (Founder), Rey Nery (Philippines National Rugby League), current title holder of Miss Philippines-Australia, Stephanie Magno, Benjie de Ubago and Marivic Ayap Flores (PASC President).

Clubs interested in participating at this year’s Fiesta may check the website and/or contact the PASC President, Marivic Ayap Flores via email .

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