Enough is Enough!

September 24th, 2016 · No Comments

by Deanna Tamayan

We all stand for the empowerment of the Filipino.  We all stand for the values that define us as a people as handed down by our forefathers.  We gather to stand proud for our Philippines and put our hands across our chests to sing the national anthem.  We pay homage to our heroes who continue to inspire us to live up to the Filipino ideals that our own parents have instilled in us. We dig deep in our pockets and give of our precious time for the betterment of our beloved Philippines.  We struggle and strive to be respected in foreign lands, to be treated equally and for our voices to heard.  We cheer and rejoice at Filipino wins; and we jeer and fight to death those who dare diminish us in any way. “Pilipinas kong Mahal”  is our cry!

But what of our government officials in the Philippines?  Are they the embodiment of our Filipino ideals? Do they, at the very least, even inspire or are we being led deeper into the valley of death and despair?  Their behavior and attitudes of late, do not motivate and are definitely uninspiring!  What shall be of the next generation?

Eighty days (or so) into his term of office, Philippine President, Duterte has exhibited his proclivity for profanity. This is well documented. He spits out curses and insults with reckless abandon  to anyone who dares cross his path. He has mastered his “fs” and “Ps”. He is a bundle of contradictions but what he says must be obeyed.  Hush! – Do not speak!  Do not just bow – genuflect! Kowtow!   The lines between right and wrong have been completely blurred, if not erased. It is painfully obvious that decency and civility are fast eroding.

The ivy league Senators have openly admitted to be fully aware of the problems and our sliding international reputation.  But they refuse to acknowledge the root cause of all the problems and no one is trying to stop it.  It’s like being on a runaway train. Have they been reduced to puppets, simply mimicking thinking humans? Of course, they dare not say for fear of retribution.

Their solution is to find an scapegoat or turn the fickle finger of blame and point: – to the media for their biased reporting (albeit they do not even understand); to the sensible Filipinos who dare squirm in shame and disgust, labeled elitists, for failing to understand what the President really means;  and last but not least, on his personal state of being – “he is tired and hungry”.  Better yet, some opt for the safe option – ignore, turn the blind eye and slip into a state of catatonic stupor. Some even had the audacity to give the flimsy excuse that the President has captured the way the masses talk.  Really?! That’s an insult to all Filipinos.  I repeat all Filipinos!  If that is true, which it is not, then I feel sorry for parents’ sacrifices to send their children to school to be educated. What a waste of tuition! No matter how poor, bad manners and abuse was never the norm and neither was it tolerated.

If your child was yelled at and abused at school, you’d be running to the Principal’s office to complain.  It would be called bullying.  If it happened at work – it’s harassment.  At home, it’s abuse and domestic violence.  And yet the President can turn to name calling, dish out insults – and that’s okay?  And we as a people, take it?

We stand against those who have colonized us over time and still bearing the scars, we struggle for equality and to have our voices heard. Why then, can we not stand up against, one of our own? But we have been abased by the very leaders of our country of birth? So what happens when the President treats us with us disdain and disrespect?   Are we really okay for our rights to be trampled for the glory of one or a few?  Shall we smugly smile like kids handed candies, when diplomats and politicians butter us up with patronizing comments?   Haven’t we been embarrassed enough? Or shall we continue to be party to this mayhem?  Shall we continue to fight amongst ourselves for self-aggrandizement and personal gain?  The Filipino people deserving of respect and nobody, regardless of title should be allowed to do so.

Someone other than John Lennon said – “give peace a chance”.  Peace?  Nothing could be further from the truth.  It’s a world gone mad.  If Duterte wants PEACE, then why does he keep pissing everybody off? Even the Dalai Lama could be next! There is a huge difference between being a disciplinarian and a dictator; between a strongman and one who wants to play God.  Why can he not implement his intentions and go about his duties without being rude, crude and vulgar? Why then should we even bother to lift a finger to help to uplift the image of the Filipino when the President himself keeps putting us down – as a people and as a  nation?

What has happened to us? More importantly, what will you do?  Perhaps the more high profile associations like the Filipino Communities Council of Australia (FILCCA), Philippine Community Council (and other State Councils, Filipino Australian Movement for Empowerment and The Knights of Rizal should start living up to their objectives.  In the meantime, if you cannot speak or choose not to  – then, do not stand next to Rizal; do not pray for it is directly in contradiction with the current situation.

Gravity exists!





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