A Different Look At Martial Law

April 25th, 2016 · No Comments


Set against the backdrop of the splendor of Malacañang Palace and turmoil of Martial Law, three young girls set off to start their careers, and found themselves surrounded by the gun-toting military.

Although many books have been written on Martial Law in the Philippines, “When In Doubt Salute – Surviving Martial Law in Malacañang” is from a different perspective.  It’s a different take on that repressive period in the Philippines.  Authors, Benjie de Ubago and Remy Calangi-Alejandrino, tell of their personal tales of adventures behind the gates of Malacañang during those troubling times.  It’s daring, provocative and unbelievable!

At a time when curfews were imposed and freedom was curtailed, they dared to think, questioned the system, broke the rules and defied the norms.  Malacañang and the streets of Manila was their playground.

This book is a testimony to their adventures; their story of courage and survival; and their friendship that endured much longer than Martial Law.

Worlds apart, they continued to be friends much longer than Martial Law lasted.  Both authors were communication graduates. Remy Alejandrino is a journalist and Benjie de Ubago is an Advertising and PR practitioner in Sydney.

This is their story as they lived it and as they survived it. It was a time, when they were in doubt, they did salute!


Available in Australia for $20.00 or in the Philippines for P400, to include mailing costs.  To order, please email or call Sydney 61 412 966 300 –  Manila 63 917 706 3323.

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