Joey Marquez Restores Hope

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Joey Marquez did not disappoint when he graced the 25th Anniversary of Aguman Capampangan Australia last August. During his brief two-day Sydney visit, he undoubtedly charmed the young and old alike.  He did the rounds and indulged the Filipinos’ penchant for photos and patiently posed with everyone with a genuine heart-warming smile.

Joey Marquez with the Seniors.

Joey Marquez with the Seniors.

Marquez returns on October to Sydney for a more altruistic reason.  He stars in his comedy show “Koronang Hilaw” at Rooty Hill on 24 October.  He will be performing along with his sister, Melanie Marquez, actress and Bb. International 1979, and supported by local talents, Marcus Rivera, Andrew Baris, Charles Chan, Archie Lubrin and Nadia Trinidad.  The Show is a fundraising event for “Restore Hope” providing miracle operations for those disadvantaged in the Philippines.

Marquez candidly admits that his popularity as a basketball player and as an actor is what landed him in politics, when he won his seat in Parañaque.  “Admittedly, wala akong alam, but once I was in, I made sure that I learned everything I had to know, to best serve the residents of Parañaque” he said.

And that he did!  Tenacious, determined and focused, Marquez throws himself completely in whatever challenge he undertakes.   Despite his humble beginnings, he grabbed on to opportunities as they presented themselves and run off with it like a champion.  His attitude has seen him clinch honors as Mayor for Parañaque, for which he proudly says “Akin yan!”  And that’s for introducing the tax and zoning incentives.  The formula seems simple: “increase employment by infusing investment in the area, minus imposing taxes.” he says.  And it worked, turning Parañaque into a fully fledged City.

Although he’s retreated from the political scene, it is obvious that he hasn’t shaken it off completely.  He strongly declares “No more!” with the accompanying facial look and shrug. But his statements say otherwise and reveal his idealism, his strong desire to inspire and help, and his deep sense of patriotism for the Philippines.

It is for that very reason, that Joey Marquez has agreed to perform in “Koronang Hilaw”, a comedy show this month for Operation Restore Hope Charity event in conjunction with ASK Foundation.

Operation Restore Hope Australia is a not-for-profit, non-governmental, non-sectarian charity started in 1992 by Cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Darryl Hodgkinson.  Through medical missions in manila and Cebu, and with the help of medical professionals from around the world, they restore hope to underprivileged children by surgically correcting birth defects and facial disfigurements in children especially those with cleft lips and palates.  Now on its 23rd year, Restore Hope continues to bring hope to underprivileged children in the Philippines.

For further information contact: Sokee on 0413945931.


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