Send In The Clowns

March 22nd, 2015 · No Comments

I can’t help but wonder what it is at the PCC elections that drive people to the brink of idiocy?  People forget morals, values, right conduct and twist every rule possible to their advantage. “ Hakutan”  (gathering of voters) becomes a past time for two weeks.  Bulseco was observed as running around like a chook with no head with his mobile attached to his ear calling expected voters, “nasaan na kayo?” (where are you?).   Amusingly too, while people avoided me all year and wondered who was leaking information, during the two week campaign period, the phone lines were open, emails were gushing with incomplete information from all directions, and the rumour mill was on over drive.  It was quite obvious what they were up to!

Pandemonium broke when Danny Peralta’s Treasurer’s Report, an integral part of an annual general meeting, was not allowed to be presented to the body.  Most of the unbiased reasonable and thinking observers who were not aware of what was going on commented as expected:  “Why do they not want to show the report?”  The flawed reasoning of the movers and shakers of the 2014 Board was that the report had not been audited by their internal auditor, Millie Banan and the external auditor, Leo Ceniza.  They also read Ceniza’s letter which stated that he could not audit the financial statement because there were no accompanying documents.  Now that was a twist of the truth by the Board!

Danny Peralta had his financial report ready for presentation and copies for distribution but  true, It had not been audited.  He was in the Philippines and time ran out for auditing.  But he did have all the supporting papers.  Furthermore, the financial statement had been presented at the October Ugnayan and was also published on the PCC website.   It was later fought over when Bulseco wanted the report taken off the website citing “it has never been done before.”  Peralta fought to have it up for transparency but in the numbers game they play, he lost and it was taken off the site.  But not before we had the chance to see the outstanding debtors which had Bulseco’s name and others on the list.

I rang Mr. Ceniza for verification and confirmation.  According to him, he was also in the Philippines and he needed more time to do the required audit.  By the time, Peralta and Ceniza were back, there was little time to do the audit. However, Ceniza pointed out that he told Relunia and his team that they could still  present the financial statement and the audit report would follow “as has been done in the past”.  He saw nothing wrong with this.  Furthermore, the comment he made that there were missing supporting  records and documents was referring to the past years – Banan’s term not Peralta’s term.  He had not sighted Peralta’s records yet, simply because Peralta was still overseas.

Now here’s the interesting part.  Why were they adamant that the financial statement comply with the constitution and yet, they do not comply with the constitution when it comes to behavior and membership requirements?  The constitution requires that clubs be registered.   It’s a clear case of double standards, as always!  If they like you and they can use you, and you do not ask questions – you’re off the hook – as in the case of Banan’s reports and hey, Collado did not even have a Presidential report in 2014.  But if you have an enquiring mind, and you’re not in their ticketing clique –  it’s simply inexcusable!  So much for team spirit!

As for the Relunia’s Presidential report, well it simply was padded with a lot of jibberish interjections.  At the start of his term Relunia outlined his plan for the year:  membership review  (not done);  establish a foundation for PADER (not done);  committees on Seniors, Education, Culture, Health etc. as presented during the Ugnayan (nada!); Pasko at Tumbalong Park (postponed!).    So they did have Independence Day which earned but it was an abysmal presentation;  the  Filcca conference happened but not without problems and there were no resolutions.  What really happened aside from the Swan Lake and Beyonce dancers?  Without resolutions, it was simply a talkfest!

I have absolutely no doubt that Relunia had the best intentions at the start and he could have delivered.  However, he was bound and gagged by Bulseco and company.  The year in pictures video was shown and the background music  was “Send in the Clowns” – was that intentional or prophetic?

Relunia in the end seemed relieved of all the infighting was over and worth noting is his comment:  “The attitude and direction of PCC must change, otherwise….!”    But was anyone listening?  This of course was contradictory to his  private “great work team” message.  At least he echoes my sentiments but unfortunately egos reign supreme.  He also asked for the support of the affiliates as evidenced by the dwindling interest over the past few events, quite obvious of which was the PADER charity event last month.  But even after a near empty Bowman Hall,  they still don’t get it!  It is not the affiliates that should change.  The Board has simply failed to motivate and we are bored!  Trust has dissipated. It is the attitude and behavior of those who sit on the board especially the one who’s done nothing but warm his seat for the longest time.  Bulseco claims to have passion for PCC.  Really? –  Passion for what?

The battle for the presidential seat this time was between Evelyn Beed and Danny Peralta.  Beed won!  Majority of the 2014 Board are back, i.e. Bulseco, Lastica, Swadling, Cadelina, del Prado, Jones, Rudd, supported by Ilocanos.  Outcasts are Nenita Weekes, Danny Rosales and Danny Peralta.  Noel Bernardo as treasurer, Cesar Bartolome, Penny Perfecto and Lillian de los Reyes are back on the Board after having already served PCC in the past.  Newcomers Ethel Singson representing the Australian Visayas Association and Jojo Laquian, who wasn’t sure which association  he belonged to.  Of course, Relunia will remain as the Immediate Past President but that remains to be seen he wants to be as far away as possible from the maddening crowd or probably needs  time to recover .

When asked how  she would get those who’ve left, back into the fold, newly elected Beed replied: “I’ll call them up. We’ll work together as one,” she said.

Oh my, if I hear “together” one more time, I’ll scream because really, together, we ain’t, and definitely – they can’t!


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