Relunia Reveals Plans for PCC

April 10th, 2014 · No Comments

Jun Relunia hit the road running and has released his plans as President of the Philippine Community Council of NSW.

At the induction of Officers, Relunia reiterated his “Love theme” – L (strong leadership), O (oneness in advocacy), V (vision and commitment and E (Engagement with the affiliates).

“This is my goal for 2014/ 2015, together with the Board and the affiliates. Together we can make good things happen,” said Jun Relunia.

A strong supporter of the Senior Citizens, Advocacy will be the main thrust of his term. “It will be for the benefit of the community,” said Relunia.

Engagement with affiliates will be conducted on a regular basis through regular Ugnayan sessions, seminars and forums.  While he hopes to increase the number of affiliates, Jun also plans to review the current membership which has been riddled with problems.  The constitution will also have a look over to address the problems that have cropped up and the changing times.

In 2010, a membership clean up was done which resulted to the break-away of the Amores group.  However, it would seem that over time other groups who do not comply with the constitution have slipped through the cracks again.  One such organisation is even represented on the current Board, although no such club exists.

The problematic PADER (Philippine Australian Disaster Emergency Response) Program will be re-established as a Foundation, as an independent and separate entity from PCC. Such a move will ensure continuity and necessary to avail of tax benefits. The biggest problem will depend on who is capable to chair the fundraising arm of PCC.

The annual Philippine National Day Ball will be held on June 7 at Rosehill Gardens.  PCC will be hosting also the Filipino Communities Council of NSW (FILCCA) biennial conference in Sydney, in October.  The last time the FILCCA conference was held in Sydney was in 2000, during the terms of Kate Andres (Filcca President) and Lolita Farmer (PCC President).

“I am happy to report to the affiliates that the 2014/2015 Board is working as a team. We LEAD – Listen, Evaluate and Decide,” said Relunia.  “We have open communication and respect each other’s opinion. We treat each other in a professional way,” he adds.

The current Board is a mix of the old (8) and new (7). It’ll be interesting to watch which side will prevail.   Three of the ones who were the main source of problems in 2013 remain on the Board.  And remember, the 2013 board heard but did not act. Even the 2013 Presidential Report is a far cry from the truth.  Hopefully, Relunia steers them in the right direction and the right course of action will be taken.

Relunia’s leadership style gives chairpersons “ownership” of their roles. However, he fails to stipulate by whose standards they need to abide by.  In the absence of a PCC standards,  policy & procedure manual, ownership may mean to each his own and professionalism may still be an elusive concept.

Despite all good intentions, it remains to be seen whether Relunia can contain and curb the colourful characters sitting on his Board.  For one, it will be like the taming of the shrew!  It’ll be a wait and see, too, whether or not Relunia is able to resolve the outstanding issues which he inherited from last year’s board and rally back those PCC supporters who have left in disgust and who have been scarred.  Only time will tell.

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