Mapua Forges Ahead

May 23rd, 2013 · No Comments

The MAPUA Alumni Association of Australia held their induction of officers at P-Noy Lounge, Blacktown last 18 May 2013 with Rey Baraceros stepping up as their new, vibrant and all smiling President.

Rey Baraceros (left) with Consul Marford Angeles (right)

Rey Baraceros, a BS Electronics and Communications graduate accepted the challenge with much excitement and pledged to move it up a notch with monthly activities for the club and to continue the  preparation for the forthcoming Mapua World in 2015.

Special guest and inducting Officer, Consul Marford Angeles said “How does one inspire when there is much talent here in this group?”  He then asked the members to reflect on the people they have chosen, to trust them, give them their will, and give their unflinching support that the dreams of the organization may be realised. 

The 2013 board include: Rey Baraceros (President), Ninoy Bitara (VP), Marissa Manoto (Secretary), Rosalie Vitoriano Ouano  (Treasurer), John Siera (Auditor), Rowena Cardenas (PRO) and directors: Randy Tangonan, Romele Constantino, Edgar Escasinas, Joseph Casalara and Mao de Vera (founder of MAA).

Proud of their achievements, the Mapuans announced that three of their scholars have now graduated.

Fast forward to 2015 and Mapua Alumni Australia are looking to the Global Summit, the Mapua World 2015,  with much excitement.  The world meeting of Mapua alumni here in Sydney will be a first and will be assisted by Business Events Sydney (BES).

Undoubtedly, Mapua continues to churn out nothing but brilliance in the fields of science and engineering and yet they always are able to show their lighter side. After the formalities, the live Band rocked on, even bigger, better than last year and this time with female and male vocalists. And as always, as in most Mapua functions, the good ol’ down to earth spirit of the Cardinals prevailed and the casual air of camaraderie where wit and humour lives on.

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