(B) Aliw Awards

December 22nd, 2012 · No Comments

‘Tis the season to be jolly…..and ahhh….it’s that time of the year again when we acknowledge those who have given us the opportunity to flex our grey matter and jolt us to drop our jaws, roll our eyes – scratch our heads and leaving us utterly in hysterics.  And we too have our own community awards.

Most Popular Individual goes to Ms. Cen Amores……a familiar name to award givers and where the pen skated more nomination forms than one can count and more titles than we can remember.  She has transformed from ambassador to bayani…but at the Filcom meeting, since both positions of ambassador and the bayani were already taken (the ambassador was sitting on stage and the bayani was standing outside), she mimicked the media, clicking happily beyond borders and all for radio.  You need a good imagination to see those photos on radio!

Environmental Award – goes to Emma de Vera, for penetrating  the O-zone layer to instantly have a cabbage patch at Schoffields, complete with fresh produce from Flemington Markets.

Humanitarian Award goes to Mr. Alric Bulseco, the flag-waving public defender; the quiz king with no answers; ever ready to jump and pounce on anyone in defense of anyone and anything –  from the strays, the visionless and mentally challenging – from heroes to nudniks.

Best Production/Entertainment – goes to APCO’s Freedom Ball for in the spirit of diversity and multiculturalism they had an Egyptian dancer during the Philippine Independence party.

Most Controversial – Bicol Inc. elections and for those who may have an iota of a doubt, Ross Iglesia is the head honcho now…. signed, sealed, delivered and no buts!

Lifetime Achievement (Habang Buhay) – goes to Mr. Rey Manoto who now that collections are done seems to be busy polishing his beloved statue.

Also, we noticed that the President Aquino and his entourage were attired in their well-pressed suits even at the FilCom meeting.  I guess they did not get to read the memo that said wear “Filipiniana” or maybe they wanted to show the Aussie public they had suits too.

Best Newcomer is given to titular individuals who just arrived and is suddenly besieged  with community characters’ antics (not antiques, although it may have felt that way too) — and the winner is Consul Marford Angeles for his patience and endurance during the State Visit.

Suspender Awards – goes to Chairman Mao de Vera — for the second consecutive year ; for his endless support to all, including the star gazers of the last elections.

The Braveheart Award – goes to the SAFSI Seniors who dared to reclaim their territory and made it to celebrate their 25th anniversary.

And yes, for the second year, we’re giving out “Tickle Me Pink” Awards too:

To the Philippine National Rugby League team (PNRL) for gathering a group of able-bodied men of Filipino descent to board Philippine Air Lines for the first time and showing off their game in the Philippines – the land of their origins.

To the Philippine Language School (PLCAA) for inculcating the youth with Filipino culture.

To Atty. Imelda Argel for clinching the 2012 Presidential Banaag Award and annoying the non-winners.

And to stop those tall  tales creeping around – Cesar Bartolome is the founder of FAME; Sennie Masian is the founder of the Philippine Community Council of NSW; Aida Morden is responsible for Kapitbahayan; and the first Filipino lawyer, depending on how you define “Filipino lawyer” is either Julian Cabarrus (Dec. 1976) or Cesar Uy (Dec. 1986).

And last but not least, thank you to all our readers and those who shared their sighs, murmurs and whispers.  Here’s wishing you a happy yuletide season.  Another life changing moment just whisked through – smile, laugh and show off that sheen in 2013!


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