An Open Letter To Mr. Diel

July 17th, 2012 · No Comments


This is reference to the Manny Diel’s editorial published in the June 2012 issue of the Philippine Community Herald regarding to the Philippine Community Council of NSW.


Perception is not reality!  To think otherwise is to be delusional.

If logic prevails, though evidently scarce lately, the mere fact that the Philippine Community Council (PCC) has been established for 22 years (since 1990) makes it the recognised peak organization.   The break-away group by the mere fact that they walked out, marched out and eventually broke away cannot therefore be the peak.  Otherwise it would be twin peaks. PCC is the peak body – and the break-away group is simply the “pick-a –body” or better still the “peek-a-boo” group.

This is not the first time that another group has wanted to steal the limelight from PCC.  Not only was there the Philippine Coordinating Council but you forgot to mention that there was also “The Presidents’ Club” in the mid-nineties which eventually evaporated.

Mr. Diel, you were not at the PCC’s Philippine National Day Ball this year so I fail to see how you could make sweeping statements and compare the number of attendees based on hearsay and not on actual evidence.  You also fail to quantify based on the area of the venue; you compare quantity but miss out on quality; and most importantly you fail to compare the credibility and integrity of both groups.  You also fail to point out all the “good” Filipinos who have shied away or remained on the sidelines after all the shenanigans caused by the founders of that breakaway group. 

But let us not forget that it is this breakaway group led by the Amores and Lopez that was the root of PCC ‘s woes; how ghost clubs with no members mushroomed during their time in PCC causing  the genuine community serving Filipinos to retreat disgustingly in silence.  Let us not forget the vote buying that they pioneered; and let us never ever forget the Amores win of 88-98 (88 registered, 98 voted) which installed Ruben Amores as PCC president in 2007.  Please also point out that the break-away group now recruits individuals as well as organizations.  Who would ever trust these people ever again?  Who would want these kind of leaders? 

Are the leaders of this break-away group more likely to listen or are they more likely to flatter egos, bend the rules, abandon quality and live on a favour for favour basis.  Let us also not forget the carrot they dangle for a discounted ticket subsidized by their own organization subsidised by OPM (other people’s money or the taxpayers); and the tantalizing promise of a roof over their heads.  After all some of their avid followers have been provided housing by preferential treatment and the kakilala system.


But what I find really sad, is that some of the past PCC presidents driven by their egos swing either sides or wherever attention is dished out.  And these presumed leaders abandon their values, their loyalty for a chance to scoop up oodles of attention; a chance to utter nonsensical thoughts in front of an audience; a chance to parade their gowns;  a chance to hear their name reverberate throughout a room.  The politicians and the powers that be are also to blame for politicking to garner votes or to simply fill bums on seats. 

Again, perception is not reality.  There is no choice and no comparison.  And awards are a poor substitute for integrity.  That break-away group is nothing but white motes hovering around us. Let us stop condoning the wrong and tolerating private agendas. Let us lay them all to rest somewhere, where hopefully not even google can find them.

Come out of your fish bowl.  Look around and see that there’s more than 20,000 Filipinos waiting to be inspired. And they sure are not getting it from that group.

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