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November 13th, 2011 · No Comments

JUN VELASCO & ALBERT SANTIAGO, two Filipino artists of contrasting disciplines and generations made their mark with their recent mainstream exhibits to the delight of the art enthusiasts.  


JUN VELASCO, a mix of the old and new

On display recently at a Westpac Bank in suburban Castle Hill were paintings of Filipino artist, Jun Velasco. 

Although a civil engineer by profession, Velasco’s innate talent and passion lies in art.  It is a rare gift he treasures and which he never allows to lie dormant.  Between his main work on structural detailing for fabricators and construction, he finds time to awaken and unleash his artistic expression on canvas. 

He is a gifted artist comfortable with all mediums, dabbing with acrylic, oil, watercolor and pen and ink and adept at landscapes, portraits and figures.

His most recent artwork collection combines traditional and impressionistic techniques.  He lays on thick paint and uses bright primary colours creating a commanding visual effect.  His splatters and sprinkles of paint in the background produce a powerful, yet hazy effect on the subject in the foreground.

Plans to tour his collection to other Westpac bank branches are in progress.  It will be an innovative banking idea which will provide customers a visual relief from the rigours and monotony of everyday banking.

Velasco hopes to one day move into the world of art on a full time basis for that’s where his true heart lies.  To see samples of his other works visit


ALBERT SANTIAGO, reflections of the Young

Right in the center of the city, young artist Albert Santiago has taken on Darling Park Gallery at Sussex Street, to exhibit his paintings of a very different kind. 

Santiago’s “Lolita Painting Series” explores the world of beauty of adolescents although dressed in contrasting Victorian dresses, as if trapping them in the traditions of old.

His ever so dainty, doll-like paintings capture the wide-eyed innocence and vulnerability of the young along with all their childish quirks.  The main painting of the collection has one his doll like figures coiled on top of a huge turtle’s shell as if it were a safe haven.  The turtle he calls Henry drew inspiration from a friend who always had “big shoulders” for friends.  The objects in the paintings provide stark contrast to his soft, delicate subjects.

Santiago is a 2004 graduate of visual communication and has been lucky to enter the very privileged world of digital animation.  He has contributed to film animation projects such as Mafia 1, MTV Discovery Channel, Dawn of WWII and Happy Feet 2.

He has now reached a full circle and has decided to detach himself from the digital world to return to traditional art using his paintbrush to create his own art on canvas.    “It was something to call mine, “said Albert.  “Digital animation is a collective group effort and no one person can claim credit for it,” he adds.  Overflowing with creativity he thought it was time to capture his innermost desire as his very own. Something he can “mine”.  His paintings are available on limited print.  To see more of his paintings check out

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