FERDI FRANCISCO At The Helm of FAME – New Management

September 24th, 2010 · No Comments

Ferdi Francisco has been elected as Executive Director of the Filipino Australian Movement for Empowerment (FAME) and will lead the new management back on the road of empowerment . 


The new management with a two-year term of office is a mix of the old and the new.  Back on board are Ross Iglesia (Assistant Executive Director), Rod Dingle (Secretary), Dennis Laxamana (Treasurer),  Mayumi Bartolome (Auditor) and Venus Priest (directors).  Newcomers include: Neria Soliman (PRO), Ronaldo Villaver and Floro Valdez as directors.   Cesar Bartolome is re-appointed as the Administrative Officer/Secretariat. 



On Mr. Francisco’s shoulders lies the task of revitalising the group that has lost its momentum and realigning FAME back to its original goals and objectives which is the empowerment for Filipinos. “This is a big task and it has finally sank in,” said Ferdi.


 At the oath-taking ceremony at a Blacktown Restaurant last 18 September, special guest Consul Anthony Reyes challenged the newly inducted officers to focus on Fame’s original goals for the betterment of Filipinos.


Fame is now on its third year and Mr. Francisco hopes to re-ignite the passion for FAME by inviting new members and establishing  the suburban councils as had been originally planned which past management had failed to do.


Ferdi Francisco an engineer, is no stranger to the community and his leadership skills have seen him shine at various UPAA, PAMA and Ilocano Association activities.


Ferdi Francisco’s proven leadership will undoubtedly inspire membership and his calm disposition may just be the answer to entice new faces to join the fold.

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