True Lies

April 25th, 2009 · No Comments

Oh my, it would seem that more and more people are inclined to lie!  Is this the latest trend or something I’ve missed? Maybe the propensity to lie has been there all along.  I’ve probably just started noticing it more.


Call it a fib, deception. untruth, con, fake, false, delusion, distortion, exaggeration,  misinformation, misleading, misrepresentation or the sin of omission.  At the very least, it’s a white lie – at worst it’s perjury. Whatever you want to call it, any deviation from the truth is still a lie. 


People basically lie for the 3 P’s – To Protect – to Propel – and to Profit.


The thought of embarrassment or humiliation is much too much to bear.  They will lie to protect themselves and save face. People will cheat, twist, omit facts and look for allies to avoid the truth from leaking.  To look at truth would be like facing the mirror in the first light of day when one can scream “shock-horror!”  


For others, self aggrandizement has become a natural way of life.  For them, it’s an aching desire to be somebody. These people will manipulate to dominate and control. They manufacture, fabricate to produce more exciting selves which would have otherwise been so dull if only to propel themselves to higher community standing. They are blinded by the limelight which only blurs their truth even more.


In the profiteering arena, people play dirty.  Not only do they lie to give the illusion of being the better one –they will downright rip the competition apart without a shred of evidence.


Unfortunately, how many of us have the time to double-check the facts? We accept at face value rather than rock the boat. Ask for clarification – ask for an explanation – they squirm and wrangle their way out of a situation. They will deny and evade. Liars rely on the fact that they will never get caught and that we will never check.   What they tell person A and person B is calculatingly different– and they hope that the two shall never meet.


The sad part in this game of deceit and deception is people do fall prey as they know no better.  They are unsuspecting victims, gullible enough to believe the lies they are told or gutless to make a stand and reveal the lie. Some prefer to ignore the lie for fear of being out of favor.


However, the most frightening part is that somewhere in our midst are compulsive liars – with a convoluted and warped sense of the truth. They believe their own lies.

These people are habitual liars who will lie about anything and defend their lie to their last breath. Their outlook has become so blurred – they can’t tell the difference between the muddy waters they’ve dipped themselves into and the honest reality. 


Confrontation is much too painful for their fragile personas. It’s easier to pull out the finger of blame and point it at someone. Anyone! To stare at truth in the eye means to act accordingly.  It means – action, an ugly word that means work.  For some the thought of them being less than perfect is unfathomable. It’s a big Ouch!



Oh, okay, so we’ve all told little fibs at some time or another.  We have been taught to be polite.  So we say we’re busy rather than saying “no, we’re not interested.”  Imagine telling someone straight in the face – I don’t like your face – your hair – or your smell.  We’ve all lied if only as an act of love and kindness. 


However, the liars of this world are multiplying fast.  They tell big lies that affect all of us!  And yet, we tolerate and we condone it.  The more educated and prayerful they are, the more attuned they are to the art of lying.  They are now even supported by groups without a conscience.  Wouldn’t you call this a conspiracy?  Maybe there is truth in the saying, “birds of a feather flock together.”


Perhaps we can’t stop them.  We at least need to shield ourselves and know when faced with these dysfunctional creatures. We simply need to have our radars up for those “liar, liar, pants on fire!!”  Oh, and do tell them to wipe their chins!!




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